"I was interning in Chicago for the summer and Chris, the omelet maker in the dining center was exceptional. I asked for whole grain bread and he remembered every morning and even made a special trip to get me some. He made me feel like I was home."


Laura S. - September 2011

"Great location, great people - very friendly and helpful, great food. The place seems so clean - you can eat off most floors! Fantastic amenities - 24 hr computers, rec area, and exercise room. I Felt very secure and welcomed.  I would recommend this place in a heart beat. Last summer i did an internship in New York City and they have a lot to learn from Chicago."


 Barbara C. - August 2012

"My daughter and I had a wonderful stay here. She was dancing with the ballet and it was very affordable and comfortable to stay here. The staff was excellent in every department, Thank you for offering summer weekly housing!! I will recommend you to others."


Denise T. - October 2010

"This is a superb place to stay for a summer internship. The friendly and helpful staff make it a great experience."


Paul Z. - April 2011


"I stayed for a whole month in the summer (2011) It's a great place! Huge apartment, excellent condition, great location, really cheap price, just PERFECT! If I were a student I'd live there happily. I don't know who wrote the bad reviews but it seems completely wrong. I couldn't find any other place in the short notice and busy time I was looking, now I know I was sssssssssssoooo lucky. Go there, don't hesitate!"


Melissa C. - September 2011

"My daughter had a wonderful summer in Chicago.  University Center was perfect.  Everything about it was top-notch.  Thanks for everything."


Debbie S. - August 2012