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Extended Stay Discount

Get 1 week free when you stay 11+ weeks (77 or more days). Book now and save an additional $200 off your extended stay!*

*discount will be automatically built in to rate quote when you choose your room type.

Meal Plans

Apartment Meal Plan
If you are interested in purchasing a meal plan, please indicate so in the booking notes section when making your reservation.

* Daily Breakfast: $53 per week
* Daily Dinner: $70 per week
* Daily Dinner plus wknd brunch (7 dinner & 2 brunch): $84 per week
* Daily Breakfast and Dinner (14 meals/wk): $120 per week

Suite Meal Plan
Daily Breakfast is included with your Suite housing stay. All meals are redeemed in the Dining Center and include any selection from the dining stations. Retail and pre-packaged items are also available at an additional cost.

Hotel Service

Weekly Cleaning Services are available for $30 per week:

  • Refresh all bed linens
  • Replace towels and toiletries
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom
  • Empty wastebaskets


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